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Listen to a radio interview with Susan O’Brien (mp3, 1.5 MB, 5:56)

Below you will find details of my background and experience along with my code of practice.

  • 1970 - Transcendental Meditation Course, Dublin, followed by numerous TM meditator weekends to further knowledge and experience of meditation.
  • 1982 - New York, attended extensive meditation lectures and meditation sessions with Laurence Freeman O.S.B. (Order of Saint Benedict), who was at that time the Prior of the Benedictine monastery in Montreal, Canada).
  • 1996 to the present time - meditation teacher in private practice and also taught evening courses in meditation at local VEC (State run) schools in Dublin.

I am a practicing meditator of many years experience. I take the teaching of meditation very seriously and am very concerned that those who attend this course learn to meditate properly and learn to understand how it works.

No affiliation with any particular religious group or philosophy but have the height of respect for each person’s beliefs (or non beliefs).

See: The professional code of practice of Susan O’Brien

I teach in a practical, no-nonsense way but with respect for the spiritual dimension of meditation and how it can lead us to a deeper relationship with our inner self so that we can tap into that well of Peace that is deep within all of us.

Throughout the course I make references to how far meditation has brought me in my life and people who have taken my course have found this helpful.


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